Heartbreaking lost by the Canadian Female Soccer team


Christine Sinclair
Honestly, I have to say that I don’t follow female soccer in Olympics in the past. But this year, it was different, there was an exception. Since I am a very patriotic person who loves Team Canada so much, I tried to follow as many sports events as possible. On TV, they said that the Canadian Female Soccer has never finish this deep in the tournament in the Olympics, it got my attention. Furthermore, I saw the special TV clip about soccer sensation, Christine Sinclair and how she developed the passion for soccer with her mother as her coach when she was young, I had decided to follow the team.

Once I realized Canada vs USA, I have to support my fellow Canadians. I watched the entire match. Got to say, I was impressed that Team Canada score goals off against the dominant American team. To be able to lead the game 3 times was a total bonus. It was sad that the Cinderella story came to the end when the Norway questionable “delay of game” and followed by the contrevsersial handball shattered Canadian team from climbing higher in the tournament. Nevertheless, it was an emotional game to watch. I am proud of Canada. I am proud of the players, they gave their all in the entire game. You could see so many of them were injured or hurt, they could have left the field but they all took the beating, sucked it up and continue to soldier on the filed in extra time.

It’s amazing that Christine Sinclair was able to score all three Canadian goals, despite the Americans were targeting her all game long. She was calm, composed and displayed her high soccer skill level. She was contagious in everyway to score. A natural “hat trick” that is so hard to duplicate in any big soccer event. I have to say that the winning goal by the Americans in the extra frame was a legit goal and they won the game fair and square.

Whoever won this game, I have to admit, it benefits the female world. I have never been this excited before, during and after the game. Canada and the Canadian female soccer players have brought respectability to the map. I hope more youth will see their courageous sportsmanship and continue to inject more skillful players to represent Canada.

This Olympics, Canadian female soccer team got a big funding boost from the federal government as well as the “Own the Podium” program, it really shows that when there are funding and the amazing implementation of training programs, good results happen. I hope they will continue to have funding and continue to develop a strong Canadian squad for many more Olympics and World Cup games to come.

Go Team Canada! You made me proud today. Despite the loss, I really hope that Christine Sinclair would be able to carry the flag at the closing ceremony. You touched many of our hearts!

O Canada!


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