History Garage Automotive Museum – Aomi, Tokyo, Japan


Visiting the History Garage Automotive Museum was not part of my plan. Originally, I was planning just planning to walk indoor from the VenusFort Outlet Mall, pass through the retail stores and walk outside to check out the giant Gundam Statue. Who would have thought that I unexpectedly walk into an indoor History Garage filled with classic automobiles from various era? Most of these were Japanese classic cars and as many of you know, I love cars! So, I was super excited.

Therefore, I couldn’t pass up on this opportunity to check out this History Garage. I decided to check out the Gundam Statue after visiting this automotive museum. This History Garage was quite big in size, especially this was an indoor exhibit. I recognized some of the iconic cars such as the Toyota AE86, the famous model from the hit comic and movie “Initial D”. Anyhow, this model had red body paint but still looked so good! The Datsun Fairlady was on display as well and til this date, still 1 of my favourite Japanese classic cars that I like. The headlights, the shape, it just look so good.

In addition to the showcase of the classic Japanese cars, there was a long corridor of glass displays of toy models of all the cars in various generations. It’s kind of like Hot Wheels on display but mini replica car models made by a Japanese toy company. It brought back memories when I was a kid and I would study hard and behave and my parents will bring me to a toy store and allow me to choose which toy car I want them to buy for me. I am confident that I still have many of these toy cars at my parent’s basement.

As I walked into another section of this automotive museum, I entered into a 1970s Japanese street. The museum duplicated a street scene that resembled what it’s like back in the 1970s in Japan. From the street lamps; retail stores, houses, restaurants; posters, banners and the cars on the street. It made me feel like I was back to the future in Japan.
Sometimes, spontaneously exploration without game plan could be fun, coz I didn’t know about this History Garage until I walked into it, it was a totally a surprise visit and it’s definitely a hidden gem. If you are a car buff, then you should definitely check this place out. It’s FREE admission and how often you get to see Japanese classic cars?

History Garage (Automotive Museum)
Website: www.MegaWeb.gr.jp/Area/Historic
Address: 1 Chome-3-12 Aomi, 江東区 Tokyo 135-0064, Japan
Phone: +81 3-3599-0808


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