Ho Garden Chinese Restaurant 半島餐廳 – Markham, Ontario, Canada


I grew up eating Ho Garden 半島餐廳, dating all the way back when they were still located at Alton Towers in Scarborough. I luv how the family members all worked together to run this business for the longest time.

Prices are fair and reasonable here at Ho Garden. Some of the food items are hit and miss but most of the time, they do deliver. I enjoyed dining here as it offers a variety of food and beverage options, the Cha chaan teng style 茶餐廳. When you come here, you are not looking for fancy decor or superb service, but I am looking for comfort food and casual dining. This place brings nostalgic memories and the sense of closeness within the neighborhood.

I always come here and order the “All-Day Combo” that comes with fried egg sandwich, satay beef soup noodles and hot yin-yang (half coffee & half tea). The fried egg sandwich always made to perfection when the eggs are runny and steamy hot, it’s creamy and smooth plus the thickness is amazing. When I handheld the sandwich, it’s an amazing feeling before my 1st bite. The satay beef is nice as well, good portion of beef, good satay sauce and rice noodles never soggy.

Today, for some reason, I craved for congee so I ordered the breakfast combo which comes with century egg salty pork congee + bean sprouts stir fry ho fun noodles. This combo doesn’t come with a hot beverage which I am ok. The congee itself is nicely prepared and smooth and steamy hot. However, it lacks enough ingredients as if I am only eating a plain congee. The pork seemed to be big pieces instead of the thin strip pork and there wasn’t enough marinate as you can smell and taste the boiled pork smell, which I hate. Ho Fun was nicely stir fried, you can smell and taste the “Wok He” and wok skillz was amazing! The bean sprouts were crunchy. The combo portion was so big that I have to bring ho fun home.

I also like to order the sliced strip ham soup macaroni. The Hainanese chicken with oil rice and ginger/scallion is delicious.

For afternoon tea, I like to order the beef brisket tendon soup noodles combo that comes with a hot beverage. And I normally like to order the hot yin-yang (half coffee & half milk tea). It’s delish as they give you some beef brisket and beef tendon, both are my favourite. The meat are marinated with perfection with great flavour and tender meat on the bites. As for the type of noods, I often prefer Ho Fun, their Ho Fun here are sturdy and doesn’t break down or soggy easily, which I prefer. I don’t want to use my chopstix and the noods start to break down.

MoVernie Noods Test: Use your chopstix (both of them), try to pull up the noods, if the Ho Fun is pull-able, and doesn’t break down into pieces back into the bowl of soup, it’s good Ho Fun. That’s my presence with my noods. Kinda of similar drill with al dente in pasta.

I also like to order take out for the road and eat it later. For this particular instance, I ordered the fan-favourite among many Asian friends, which is the oven baked pork chops fried rice with tomato sauce. You can literally order beef, chicken, mix of pork/chicken or sausage with alfredo sauce, tomato sauce, black pepper sauce, curry sauce, you customize however you like it, they will possibly do it.

As you can see from the photo below, it’s nicely baked with ample amount of tomato sauce. 2 big pieces of pork chops and the rice were prepared to perfection! For $10.95 CDN + tax for this dish along with a choice of soup/beverage, that’s a very good price especially during the inflation economy that we are all experiencing. If you choose the soup, you can either choose Russian Borscht soup or Asian old-fire boiled soup. I chose the Borscht soup in this case.

I don’t really dine here for dinner time, as I mostly visited for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea. There are plenty of free parking spaces in this plaza and is close to the restaurant. There are also accessible parking spots around the restaurant as well.

Luv this place!

Ho Garden Chinese Restaurant 半島餐廳 – Markham, Ontario, Canada
Located in: Cachet Centre
Address: 9255 Woodbine Ave #10, Markham, ON L6C 1Y9
Phone: (905) 927-9623


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