Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & Speech – Class of 2020 – Meridian Hall, Ontario, Canada


The Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Celebration was held on Monday, November 15, 2021 at the Meridian Hall in heart of downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

This is the first time in almost 2 years where the event was held in-person. Due to the pandemic, there was no selection for the year of 2021. The Class of 2020 Inductees had to wait for more than 18 months but good things are worth the wait for them to show up in person and accept the recognition and attend the ceremony.

Class of 2020:

Ken Holland
Marian Hossa
Jerome Iginla
Kevin Lowe
Kim St. Pierre
Doug Wilson

Normally, the Inductee Ceremony was conducted at the Hockey Hall of Fame & Brookfield Place. But for this year, there was a change of venue space, it was held at the Meridian Hall this year (just a 2-minute walk across Hockey Hall of Fame) and the ceremony was held on a big stage inside the Meridian Hall.

Below are the highlights of the HHOF 2020 Inductee Ceremony, including NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman who discussed about the outlook of the current NHL season and addressing the unfortunate situation that happened to Kyle Beach.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman talks about the outlook of this year’s NHL season + addressing the Kyle Beach incident

Doug Wilson’s speech – Class of 2020

Kevin Lowe accepting the award from teammates, Mark Messier – Class of 2020

Ken Holland’s speech – Class of 2020

Kim St. Pierre – Class of 2020

Marian Hossa – Class of 2020

Jerome Iginla – Class of 2020

Past HHOF Inductees



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