Home Gating Party Sunday Football – New England Patriots vs New York Jets

One of my great
friends, Kimberly Toureiro (@KitchenSprout), whom I met via the Social Media,
invited me to attend her home gating party at her crib. Kimberly is a wonderful
food writer as well as a die-hard football fan. In particular, she loves the
New England Patriots and of course, her beloved quarterback, Tom Brady.
“Nothing beats Sunday Football, hanging out with great friends, sipping a
nice cocktail or wine, with home cooking”, those were the exact words
from Kimberly over our phone conversation. Kimberly is a great food writer but
she can surely cook up a nice meal to back it up.
I honestly don’t
watch NFL often but I do watch football game here and there throughout the NFL
season. In particular, Winmar Toronto, the property restoration specialist,
invited me to its top-notch tailgate party back in early October, travelling on
its big party limo bus to Buffalo to watch the Buffalo Bills play against the NewYork Giants. So, when Kimberly invited me to her home gate party at her crib, without any
hesitation, I replied with a “YES”! I wanted to re-capture the great memories that I experienced during the Winmar Toronto Tailgate Party in Buffalo.
Sunday Funday,
especially during the holiday season, right after Boxing Day, it’s an awesome time
just chill and relax and sit on a comfy sofa, grab a few drinks, watch a
football game and munching on delicious
food. That’s the way to enjoy life!
As I arrived into
Kimberly’s living room, on the dining table, there was a bucket load of
colourful Smirkoff products. All the Smirkoff bottles were in various different
colours and Kimberly told me that these are flavoured Smirkoff drinks. She
asked me if I would like to try one and I said “Sure!”. I had tried
the Original Smirkoff Ice beverage before but this was my first time giving the
flavoured one a try. I tried the Watermelon flavoured. The Smirkoff jar along
with the twisty coloured straws added the overall enjoyment of the beverage.
As we watched the New England Patriots vs. New York Jets game, oven baked sausage rolls were nicely placed on the
Smirkoff Football-shaped board. That was a great way to kick starts the Sunday
afternoon. The sausage was so tasty, it’s fluffy and I love sausage rolls. It’s
a great small bites appetizer. As the game went on longer, two racks of ribs
were brought out from the oven. It smells amazing! The 1st rack of ribs was
glazed with spicy Asian Thai sauce and the other rack of ribs was glazed with
traditional Texas BBQ sauce. I love burned ends as I learned that during my
road trip in Texas this past April. The ribs just simply fall off the bone from
the two racks of lovely ribs.
Although the New YorkJets beat the New England Patriots by a score of 26-20 in overtime, it was an
exciting tight game to watch. To me, it would have been nice if Patriots wins
the game for Kimberly. However, nothing beats hanging out with great friends,
delicious food and amazing drinks. The ribs were finger licking good.
I would like to thank
Kimberly for being such a great host, inviting me to enjoy a great Sunday
afternoon with everyone at her crib. I hope she will be hosting another Sunday
Football Home Gating Party very soon, perhaps, Superbowl?
Stay tuned!
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Toureiro (@KitchenSprout) on Twitter or Instagram for more delicious food


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