Houston Avenue Bar & Grill 1-yr Anniversary – Congras!


Houston Avenue Bar & Grill tweeted me and invited me to their 1-yr anniversary celebration of its existence. This is a restaurant that not only serve steaks but great food menu items such as burgers, BBQ ribs, wings, sausages and other goodies.

Complimentary drinks and complimentary BBQ food tonight. The BBQ ribs were top notched, great BBQ secret sauce and tender, juicy meat that falls off the bone, the way a good rib should be.

Special thanks to Houston Avenue Bar & Grill. I love your patio area. It’s a new element that is a MUST in the financial district. This is a great spot for corporate meeting/luncheon or just a great spot for colleagues to relax and chill after work. Cheers!

For more information:
33, Yonge Street
Toronto – Financial District (On.) | M5E 1G4

Click here to check out Houston Avenue Bar & Grill website.

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Welcome to Houston Avenue Bar & Grill (33 Yonge Street)

Happy 1-yr anniversary!
Chef Dan is preparing some great BBQ food items, including ribs, wings & sausages

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