How Much I Want To Travel Again! – #StayHomeChallenge


After 2 months of my dedication of staying at home and working from home, I am starting to get bored. I have decided to travel from inside my home to my backyard. LOL

I am still committed to help flatten the curve by staying at home. But the backyard is a much needed breath of fresh air. I enjoyed it so much seeing the beautiful green lawn, comfy lawn chairs, with ice cold of a bottle of Corona with lime. To be able to look up into the white clouds and blue sky is a welcome sight.

I have also decided to do something creative, by transforming a small part of my backyard setting it up like boarding an airplane. I hope to travel in the near future, the travel itch is there.

Where do you want to check out when travel resumes again?

How do you keep yourself occupied during this COVID-19 situation?



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