How to get your ‘MacCoin’ today? Celebrating McDonald’s 50th Anniversary of Big Mac Around The World!


(Photo Credit: McDonald’s)

There is a lot of buzz this week when McDonald’s celebrates its 50th Anniversary of its iconic signature “Big Mac” burger. Why? Coz McDonald’s from around the globe are giving away its own Big Mac coin currency called “MacCoins“, totally understand how that name came up.

Each MacCoin is equal to 1 free Big Mac. You can use the MacCoin at any participating McDonald’s location around the world in exchange for a free Big Mac. Now, some peeps may redeem it but some may keep it for memories as collectible.

Different countries are giving away MacCoins in different methods and the MacCoins are in limited quantity. Hence, why everyone is going crazy about them. In many countries, there are various McDonald’s contests to try to win some MacCoins. Some tries to enter contests via Social Media Bloggers and try to win some.

For McDonald’s Canada, they are running a Twitter Contest from August 2nd to August 8th, you have to tweet back to @McDonaldsCanada and using hashtag #BigMac50 and letting them know why you love Big Mac so much. And random winners will be selected to win the MacCoins.

This is a genius idea by McDonald’s for introducing such iconic and precious collectible. For me, I am a BIG fan of McDonald’s food items, from its Filet O Fish, McNuggets, Fudge Sundae to Big Mac. But for me, my favourite is Big Mac. Why? I love everything about the Big Mac. I love the sesame bun, double beef patties, onion bits, lettuce and of course, the iconic Big Mac sauce. I can eat a bunch of them easily.

Want your chance to win some MacCoins? Follow McDonald’s Canada @McDonaldsCanada and try your luck!

If you don’t live in Canada, google the McDonald’s from your country and see how you could win some MacCoins.

Congrats to McDonald’s on the 50th Anniversary of Big Mac and to many many more milestones to come in the near future!

Below are some interesting articles about the design and the meaning of the MacCoins. Apparently, there are 5 different MacCoin designs to celebrate the different era of the Big Mac.


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