Hua Xing Chinese BBQ 合誠燒臘飯店 (Food Court Inside Peachtree Plaza) 新旺角廣場 – Markham, Ontario, Canada



This place isn’t spectacular or anything but it does the job. I don’t come here for the service or vibes for a Chinese BBQ place in the food court. However, what it brings is an “authentic Chinese BBQ” culture that you often find in Hong Kong.

Taste, food, everything is average but it gives you generous portion and price. Many places have jacked up their prices after the inflation, but at here, it’s inflated a bit earlier but have been staying the same price for a year or two now.

For 1 meat choice, it’s $8.00 CDN + tax and if 2 meat choice, it’s $9.00 CDN + tax, with a choice of soy milk or hot piping hot “old fire” soup, I enjoy it.

I often order the roast pork + bbq duck, lots of meat, they include cabbage or veggies, with ginger/green onions sauce, so good!

Sometimes I ordered their roast pork “Lai Fun”, a type of noodles coz their rice combo is too much food that I couldn’t finish, so I opted for Lai Fun instead.

I do feel their soy meat aren’t that great, they don’t use enough soy sauce so the meat doesn’t look like it has been marinated enough. Whether it’s soy sauce chicken or soy sauce pig ears, pig intestines, it lacks soy sauce colouring and lack flavour.

Most often, I will order 2 tofu ($1.90 CDN for 2 pc + tax), it’s really good price proposition.

I come here for comfort food and value proposition, not here for fancy out of this world type of food. If you are ok for average service, average food, but fill your tummy, good value and hot food, you should come here!

Hua Xing BBQ – Markham, Ontario, Canada
Located in: New Kennedy Square
Phone: (905) 947-0095
Google Maps:



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