Hunny Pot Cannabis Retail Store – Toronto, Canada


Yesterday was the 1st day that the Cannabis Retail Stores in Ontario were able to open for business to recreational users. However, only 1 retail store, Hunny Pot Cannabis was able to open on time. Not surprisingly that some other retailers weren’t able to open on time as there were always constant back-and-forth changes in the legislation, regulation, product packaging and decorating a physical store.

Anyhow, as always, I am curious and just wanted to check out Hunny Pot Cannabis and see how everything works from the ID checking, processes, purchasing style and the products available for consumers.

Here are the general steps of getting into the Hunny Pot:

  • If there is a lineup outside, you just wait in line.
  • A security guard outside the entrance will check your identification. A valid driver’s license is suffice for the local citizens. I am pretty sure foreigners will need to bring their passports.
  • Once you are inside, there is another line, a much shorter line, you are then again greeted by a friendly staff who asked for your ID once again. So, there are 2 check points before you can even step inside to check out the products and equipment. That’s pretty safe guard and legit, so I like that.
  • The staff will ask if you would like to create a profile. She said profile will allow them to send you future mailings, news, discounts, etc. I simply decline to create a profile.
  • At this store, they assign each customer a “Budtender” so they can tour you around the store and provide INFO about their equipment and products and they are also the person that will help you place your orders via their iPads. Don’t worry if you simply just came in to check out the store and don’t intend to make any purchase. There is no pressure and the staff are so chill if you just have questions and tour around and not buy anything. At the end of the day, they want to educate people to avoid misconception about cannabis.

  • There are 3 levels of the store. In the ground level, it’s mainly the cashier area and picking up your goods. In the 2nd and 3rd level, there are different displays of accessories, equipment. I have not seen many of these equipment before so it was quite a learning tour for me.

  • There is also a cashier section in the 2nd level as well, so I felt the layout is nicely done.
  • The Budtender taught me there are different forms of cannabis products. 1) The usual natural bud of the plant itself that you can smoke it. 2) Gel tablets of Cannabis products or 3) Cannabis Oil that you drop it into your mouth.
  • If you decide to buy anything, just ask the Budtender to place in the order. Give he/she your name. You can then spend your time roaming around the store. When you are ready to pay for your orders, simply either go the cashier at the ground level or 2nd level, tell them your name and then you pay and pickup your goods.

That’s about it in terms of how everything works at Hunny Pot. Although I never been to other cannabis stores to explore, I think the setup should pretty much the same.

My Experience:

  • Overall, it’s a very pleasant experience. I am very impressed of how organized Hunny Pot is especially it’s the 1st day they are open for business and since they were the only store that was able to open on time, there should be a higher traffic of customers. But there wasn’t much delay and staff were friendly, knowledagable and not pushy. I learned alot more about the benefits and various types of cannabis products.
  • The store is spacious with multi-floored setup. It’s artsy, modern and very organized.
  • The layout is very easy to navigate and easy to roam around.
  • They checked everyone’s ID and there are security guards outside and inside the store.
  • Everything is done in a professional and classy way. It didn’t look ghetto or shady whatsoever

I was told that edibles such as gummy bears, tea or other food items will not be available until the government approves edibles.

Personally, I was more attracted with the logo and apparel the staff were wearing. I was told that in the near future, customers get to purchase the Hunny Pot apparels.

After checking the cannabis retail store, I am more educated, I learned alot about cannabis products. I personally think that as our society and our country continues to evolve and have made cannabis legal, we should be open minded and at least educate ourselves and learn what it is instead of building up misconceptions about this industry but not knowing anything about it.

I highly recommend anyone to check out a cannabis store near them and see and learn for themselves.

Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. (Toronto’s first legal cannabis retailer)
Address: 202 Queen Street West (Across T-Rex Bar)
Instagram: @TheHunnyPotCannabisCo


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