IL Cuore Hotel Namba – Osaka, Japan


IL Cuore Hotel is located only steps away from the Namba Train Station, the MOST attractive thing about this hotel is it’s “Location”. It’s located conveniently from everything. It’s close to the train station as mentioned, it’s super close to back alley of top notch restaurants and bars. It’s super close to shopping mall nearby. It’s reasonably walking distance to the famous Kuromon Fish Market as well as the nightlife spot called “Dotonbori”.

It may be a little bit difficult to find this hotel at first as it doesn’t really have prominent signage, however, if you see a mini parking lot and a Lawson convenience store, you have arrived at IL Cuore Hotel.

First glance at lobby of the hotel. It’s not super chic, not grand and not luxurious, but it’s modern, clean and organized. There was a waiting area where your family or friends could wait around while you wait to check in your rooms. By the way, the waiting line to check in with the counter was short, coz they had tons of staff greeting us during our visit. There was also another resting area on the other side of the hotel check-in room. Two large sofas, newspaper, a coffee machine, a TV in silent mode, it was spacious and comfy.

I also impressed with how accommodating and flexible this hotel was. We arrived early from our Bullet Train ride from Tokyo to Osaka, so our room wasn’t ready. But the staff allowed us to put our luggage in the lobby area, they used a rope to chain our luggage to ensure our luggage were secured. If you have smaller personal items, they have small locker bins that you can put in and lock.

Since our room wasn’t ready, we decided to roam around the area and checked out the shopping centres. Additionally, we decided to walk to the famous Kuromon Fish Market to get our afternoon snack going with some fresh seafood.

When we returned at around 4:30 pm, our room was ready. There were 2 functional elevators. With 1 of the elevators being built to cater for people with disability coz the buttons are much lower and the width of the elevator was much wider, so that was a nice touch.

Moment the elevator opened, the hallway had a giant mirror and was lightly dimmed. However, it gave me a more chic and artsy vibe to the hotel rooms. We were given a thin hotel access card to open the door of our hotel room.

Moment we walked in, we need to slot the thin access card in order for the hotel room to lit up, normal standards to conserve energy. There was a small closet that we could hang out jackets. Then, there was a bathroom. Followed by a narrow short hall way, there was a double bed and a single bed, in North American standards, the room was small, but for Japanese hotel standards, the room was spacious. There was a flat screen TV, a nice big window overlooking the street outside and I could see the mini parking lot. There was a powder table and power outlet.

Overall, IL Cuore Hotel does the job. It’s nothing fancy but it’s nice and simple, service was great. I was very impressed how closely it’s located to everything that we need to explore Osaka. The fact that it’s so close to convenience store, shopping centres, Namba train station, restaurants, bars and Dotonbori and Kuromon Fish Market, I will definitely come back and stay at IL Cuore Hotel again in the near future. I highly recommend anyone to stay at IL Cuore Hotel.

IL Cuore Hotel Namba – Osaka, Japan
Address: 1 Chome-15-15 Nanbanaka, Naniwa Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 556-0011, Japan
Phone: +81 6-6647-1900


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