illumi Mississauga by Cavalia – Multi-Sensory Light Show – IMPRESSIVE – Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


Tonight, we were invited by the PR Agency for an Influencer Night to check out the illumi Mississauga by Cavalia.

Originally, we were extremely nervous about the weather as the forecast indicating rain and high wind. But as you know, I am the “Sunshine Boy” wherever I am and rain and mother nature will hold up for me. Thank you! It was a beautiful evening, no rain, bright sky, just a little chilly but we luv it!

What is illumi? To me, it’s one of the largest and magical outdoor light show in the world! I have to say, I have seen many many light shows in my life and I was blown away by illumi. You know the organizer and team put lots of thoughts and efforts into building this light show.

In my mind, there are 14 different theme sections throughout illumi. Each section is unique and offers different themes, different colours of lights, music and decor. Everything looks brand new. This isn’t so shitty or low budget displays. You could tell they put in lots of efforts and money to make it right!

I really enjoyed how smooth the transition is from one theme section into another. The entire property is perfectly layout. There were so many photogenic opportunities throughout the entire space. In fact, I think every spot can be your own unique photogenic space.

(Photo Credit): The layout map of illumi

The moment when we entered the property, we were greeted by friendly staff, the entrance was inviting, since Halloween is just around the corner, illumi put in 2000+ (as I was told) pumpkin lights throughout the entire entrance. Once Halloween is over, I was informed another set of lights will be implemented for the holiday theme.

It’s high quality displays of lights and I really have to applaud the choice of audio sounds and music. The sound really elevate the overall experience with the lights.

We enjoyed every parts of illumi, but if I have to choose a few of my favourite spots, it would have been the 2000+ pumpkin lights at the entrance, it’s just so dramatic and really builds the excitement to see more! Even though I am scared of spiders, the total darkness with the red spiders everywhere was magnificent. I also enjoyed the Chinese exhibits with the Chinese Dragons, it was so detail and nicely done! It looks ALIVE! And lastly, I enjoyed the carousel/merry-go-around in the Europa section. They made it really look as if I was in Europe! I miss Paris!

There were tons of parking spots. If you are hungry, they have food & beverage concession stands throughout the venue. Some concession are located inside the big white tents to keep you and your loved ones warm with shelter. There are tons of portable potties for washrooms.

Food & Beverages options (as far as we saw):

– Mexican food such as salad, wrap, tacos
– Bubble tea
– Churros
– Pizza, hot dogs, soft drinks, popcorn and cotton candy
– Hot chocolate, water, maple taffy and maple syrup

Although our Influencer Night was complimentary, I have to say that….even if I have to pay out of my pocket, it’s worth a visit.

MoVernie TIP: Evening can be chilly and cold, so dress accordingly such as scarf, mittens, toques, hoodies, jackets, and comfy shoes. The entire venue is wheel chair accessible with flat surfaces, slopes and you can push wheel chair or strollers almost everywhere. There aren’t any spots that we saw that require stairs or steps, so you are all good.

For more illumi ticket and venue INFO, please click here.

illumi Mississauga by Cavalia – Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Address: 7174 Derrycrest Dr, Mississauga, ON L5W 1N4, Canada
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