Inauguration Day in America – Friday, January 20th, 2017

Inauguration Day 2017 - Melania Trump

First Lady, Ivanka Trump (Photo Credit: Twitter LIVE)

As I was watching the news feed over the internet on Inauguration Day, I felt that First Lady, Melania Trump chose the right outfit. The outfit doesn’t jump out on you, as it shouldn’t for a BIG day like the Inauguration Day. The outfit baby blue colour is nice, it’s classy and it’s just appropriate for this occasion.

Same goes to new President, Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump‘s white dress. Very appropriate for this special occasion, it’s classy, covering from top to bottom but with nice lines and style and angles. Very pure and nice.

Inauguration Day 2017 - Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump (Photo Credit:

Just as I sees Donald Trump hopped back into the limo, wow! You could see this limo is no ordinary limo, it’s heavy duty and like a super armour. Thick doors and bullet proof windows. It looks like it could smash anything down.

This day, January 20th, 2017, the Inauguration Day in America marks a new chapter for the United States of America.

Inauguration Day 2017 - Donald Trump

Heavy Duty President Limo (Photo Credit: PBS News Hour LIVE)


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