Infinity Pool – Rooftop Garden [CELEBRITY BEYOND TRAVEL SERIES]


Infinity Pool – Rooftop Garden – Celebrity Beyond
Deck 15
Serving: Infinity pool with clear glass overlooking the ocean

Who doesn’t like infinity pool? I luv it! At Deck 15, where the Rooftop Garden is located, it has a nice small community here in this area. There is a Rooftop Grill Restaurant that is a specialty restaurant, meaning, you have to pay to dine there. Then, there is an outdoor lounge featuring a big LED screen that shows live sports or movies.

Moreover, there is a Sunset Bar featuring my favourite cocktail (Signature Beyond) on the ship. Then, you can smoke cigar or cigarette in the designated area.

My favourite spot? The infinity pools. There are two of them. It’s not a big space, so there are limited space around the pool. There are only a handful of lawn chairs and limited space to use the infinity pool. This infinity pool is special coz it’s clear glass so you can see the blue water inside the pool and it’s clear glass on the outer edge overseeing the ocean. It’s so magical!


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