(Inside Look) Cottage #2 – Saucy Willow Inn & Cottages – Coboconk, Ontario, Canada [COTTAGE TRAVEL SERIES]


Stephanie and Dave, the new owners who just recently purchased The Saucy Willow Inn (Saucy Willow Inn), along with their team of staff are constantly working hard to update and upgrade the cottage cabins as well as the private rooms and private bathrooms located inside the historical Saucy Willow Inn. They are committed to elevate the guests’ experiences while maintaining the aura and the original look of the building.

Our crew and I are staying at Cottage #2 and you could see the changes that had already been made in this cabin. The interior of the walls and floors are renovated. The bathroom is renovated making it bright and modern as well as functional. There are new furniture and modern accessories to give the cabin a very cozy, modern, relaxing vibe. It feels just like home!

Check out the photos and videos below as we take you on a tour of what Cottage #2 interior layout and style looks like.

If you would like to see what’s the outside look of the Cottage #2 looks like, please click here.

The Saucy Willow Inn & Cottages – Coboconk, Ontario, Canada
Website: https://9781175518f997f7.sirvoy.me/
Address: 6 Nipissing St, Coboconk, ON K0M 1K0
Phone: (905) 718-6851
Google Maps: https://g.page/saucywillow?share

Our cottage experience was provided and hosted by Saucy Willow Inn & Cottages. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely our own.


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