Interview with RedKen Head Hairstylist, Jorge Joao @ Toronto Fashion Week (Behind-the-scenes)


This blog was written by one of my interns, Alanna Homer and I am giving her full credit on her coverage and work. Thank you!

This years Toronto’s Fashion Week was styled by Jorge Joao. Joao is the epitome of calm cool and collected, despite the flurry of models, stylists, designers, and media swarming back stage. It’s no wonder he was chosen to be the lead stylist for this year’s fashion week

How do you prepare for such a big event?
Well we’ve been at since about three weeks ago, three to four weeks ago. We meet with all of the designers, talk about their inspiration, what they want to showcase and their collection and find out what works best for them. We kind of just go at it. We bring in a model and we play we bounce back and forth with ideas.

So it’s a lot of collaboration between you and the designers?
Yes very much so, and then from meeting with every single designer we create a look book, and every artist I have here we bring from across Canada coast to coast, we have 35 stylists, and they are each given a look book and then from there, yesterday we had our first team meeting and we go through the whole look book together.

Do you hire every stylist?
Well they are all Redken related, depending on what I’m looking for and they are all great and I pick them on depending on what I’m looking for, for the week.

Where do you get your inspiration, do you look at something and think “oh that’s a great look” or does it just come to your head?
Oh everything! From Milan and Paris Fashion Week seeing just everything is inspiration, clothing, energy it all just feeds back and kind evolves into some new type of inspiration.

On that topic, how do you think Toronto’s fashion Week compares to Milan’s and Paris?
It’s different. Here it’s a lot of new up and comers you know? People that are just really just expressing them and not trying to follow or fit into a certain category, it’s just them. Its fun its hometown, the work is totally comparable.

Do you think Toronto’s Fashion Week will ever get as big as these other Fashion Weeks over seas?
There’s a lot of talent out there you know and its all about when they start getting exposed a little more internationally and you’ll see that in due time yeah I definitely think so.

Last question, what is that one thing that every girl needs whether it’s hair or makeup just that one thing.
For hair you definitely need Fashion Works or humidity control to keep your hair in check.

We thank Jorge Joao for his time and if you would want to know more information about Redken, kindly click here.



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