Interview with UFC Fighter, Alex Gustafsson (1-on-1) – Q & A


MoVernie and his crew attended the UFC 165 Media Day where he got to interview one of the featured fighters, Alexander (Alex) Gustafsson on a 1-on-1 interview. Alex will be on the featured fight against the defending champion, Jon Jones.

Welcome to MoVernie on the BLOG Q & A session! In this session, the Q & A is in conversation format. This will allow the viewer to get to know the interviewee in a different setting.

Letès get the ball rolling!

MoVernie and Gustafsson, discussing Alex upcoming fight against defending Champion, Jon Jones at Toronto UFC 165 on Saturday, September 21.


MoVernie: “Alex, nice seeing you. You are looking good man!”

MoVernie: “Yo guy, this is MoVernie on the MOVE, right now I am live at the Shangri-la for the media day UFC 165.  And beside me is the featured UFC fighter, Alex Gustafsson. Nice to see you here!”

Gustafsson: “Thank you!”

MoVernie: “So…what’s your game plan and what’s your mindset right now?”

Gustafsson: “Ah…you know…my game plan is…you know…going in there by not having a game plan. Just you know, focus on my own thing. And do my own thing. My mind is to..I am cutting on my own weight now, I want to make it as easy as possible for me in preparation for my fight on Saturday.

MoVernie: “ won’t have any particular tactics on Jon Jones, just go in there and do your own thing?”

Gustafsson: “Oh yeah, Jon Jones is the type of fighter you can’t really steer down on one tactic as he is unpredictable. You need to go in with an open mind.”

MoVernie: “Well..I know before you got a cut in your eye, you were wearing a helmet to kind of protect your sleep. Are you doing that still?”

Gustafsson: “Oh yeah, it’s just that now, I don’t have my helmet on or else I would be sleeping right now.” (laughing)

MoVernie: “So if you possibly win and beat Jon Jones, you may possibly use this helmet as a ritual for your future fight wearing your helmet regardless?”

Gustafsson: “Oh yeah, I will.” (smiling)

MoVenrnie: “So, how do you find Toronto right now? Have you been able to walk around the city?”

Gustafsson: “Yeah, I like (Toronto) alot, it reminds me of my home (Sweden) a little bit. Toronto is just a little bit bigger but I am enjoying my time.”

MoVernie: “If you have to pick a place right now (on the MOVE), other than Toronto, where would you choose?”

Gustafsson: “I would be back home.”

MoVernie: “Best of luck on Saturday!”

Gustafsson: “Thank you! I appreciate that!”

MoVernie: “And MoVernie is outta here!”


MoVernie Summary: There were a large number of media outlets trying to interview Alex. But Alex was nice to me, as I was standing there politely and patiently waiting for my turn. He looked at me and told me to come and interview him. He was a very nice guy, a calm and chill type of guy. He gave me 2 minutes of his time and I really appreciate it! Best of luck to his fight on Saturday!


Alex Gustafsson vs Jon Jones

Alex Gustafsson vs Jon Jones


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