IPW 18: Grand Hyatt Denver Hotel – Denver, Colorado


When a journalist got approved by IPW to attend its travel convention, the journalist will be granted complimentary hotel accommodation stay for the duration of the entire event. However, there is some requirement needed for the journalist to fulfill in order to receive such complimentary treatment.

For example, every journalist at the IPW 18 has to attend the mandatory Sunday IPW 18 Brunch. At this brunch, journalists were treated with tasty food stations that were served with food from local top restaurants. Beverages such as craft beer, specialty cocktails, latte, coffee, etc were also provided by local breweries and coffee shops.

In addition, every journalist has to register to attend for a Sunday IPW Tour. We were given a list of tours to choose from weeks ahead of the IPW 18. The tours were all very entertaining, interesting and showcasing what the host city, Denver has to offer. Since I know Colorado is a state that produces lots of beer and has lots of breweries, I signed up for the Denver Beer Trail Tour.

Also, the journalists are required to attend the mandatory Monday Media Marketplace at the Denver Convention Centre. Every journalist has to book and make appointments with the destinations. We got to choose which destination that we are interested to meet and the executives from the destinations are the decision makers. IPW provides a meeting point for all parties involved to make things happen.

The hotel that I was assigned was the Grand Hyatt Denver, it’s located at the heart of the downtown core of Denver. It only took about 10 to 15 minutes walking time to reach to the Denver Convention Centre. If you don’t want to walk, you can always take the shuttle bus that would pick you up right at the front of the hotel. However, I don’t want to wait around and walking is good exercise and a perfect way for me to get to know this city by just observing at the locals and the type of stores around the area.

Grand Hyatt Denver is also located close to the restaurants, bars, pubs and shopping centres, so it’s a really good spot. At night, if you want to grab something at a convenience store, no worries, there are two 7-11s in one street. Don’t ask me why there are two, I guess there is a need? Coz, they both can co-exist and survive.

The lobby of the Grand Hyatt Denver was like a meeting spot for all of the journalists from Canada. Just an FYI that IPW would tend to group all the journalists coming from the same country at the same hotel, coz I guess there is a sense of unity and seeing familiar faces create a sense of calmness in a foreign country. And of course, a chance to network, meeting new people and catching up with existing people.

My hotel room was very spacious. The bathroom was clean and modern. All the basic amenities and items were available for me. There was a safe box to put my valuables. Let’s explore my hotel room by checking out the photos below.

Grand Hyatt Denver
Address: 1750 Welton St, Denver, CO 80202, USA
Phone: +1 303-295-1234

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The hotel stay at Grand Hyatt Denver and the incredible IPW 18 experience were provided by U.S. Travel Association’s IPW. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.


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