IPW16 – Powered by U.S. Travel – Thank you!



Peeps! It’s my great honour that I will be attending a special Press Trip to New Orleans for a week beginning this Saturday, attending the IPW 2016 as an International Journalist (Canada).

IPW, powered by U.S. Travel, is one of the largest Travel & Tourism Conferences in North America. Over 1000+ U.S. Tourism Boards, Hotels, Tour Companies and Attractions Vendors will be on hand, using this as a market place to meet, make decisions, close deals and bring people to visit various U.S. cities. More than 5000 international and domestic attendees will be flying in this special city.

As usual, MoVernie is always on the MOVE, whether rollin in the 6ix, in other parts of Canada, or United States or travelling around the world.

MoVernie, will continue to bring you the latest information on the best hotspots, destinations & amazing places the United States have to offer at the IPW16 Conference.

Stay tuned!

Follow me on SnapChat @MoVernie as I will be constantly snapping! Snap! Snap! Snap!

And MoVernie is outta here!



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