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Islet View Restaurant & Bar is a very popular spot for the locals and tourists. And its name sums it up, it is a spot with a view of the island from above. Authentic seating and tables, the 1st thing I noticed was the amazing island hospitality. The staff were super friendly and they make their own rum with many varieties.

The food menu is simple but straight forward, the lunch of the day offers BBQ smoked chicken with provisions or fish with provisions. Since I had a number of fish meals already during my visit in Dominica, so I opted for the smokey BBQ chicken and it was a great choice. The chicken was smokey, juicy and tender.

To start, I ordered a rum punch as I was told it’s a very popular drink on the island. And since I know this Islet View Restaurant makes its own variety of rum, I got to try. The rum punch was strong & generous, just the way I like it. I never like those water down cocktails found in some bars back home. The green leaf in the rum punch added good visual and aroma into the drink.

And as you may have noticed, I have mentioned many times how friendly the people here and the amazing island hospitality. They offered us a plate of complimentary Plantain Chips with Garlic Aioli Dip. The plantains were cut like French fries, with deep-fried crispy texture that dipped perfectly in the garlic aioli. The garlic aiolic was addictive.

Just as we finished our respective lunch and drinks, the friendly staff came back and offered us more food to try. The island hospitality was off the roof! They brought us with a bowl of the Callaloo Soup to try. Callaloo is a popular and common soup in the islands and it is made with a mixture of dasheen, eddo and taro leaves. With fish Cod being added in this soup from Islet View, it was super tasty. I have to admit, when the server 1st presented to me, it didn’t look super appealing. It looked like a splash of some leaves. But as per usual, I am always open minded and willing to try and I was glad I did! Don’t judge the book by its cover, although the texture looked mushy, it had great taste. The onions, coconut and the fish made it super tasty. It’s a great soup! Highly recommended.

And that’s not all, they brought out a platter of dessert. From the picture shown below, you could see fresh fruits, including watermelon, sugar cane, freshly made cake, and banana rolls.

And to top it off with a finale? The server brought a bottle of what he described as a mixture of rum. It’s a bottle filled with different rum that they made and mix it all in. It was so tasty & strong. Shots! Shots! Everybody! I am content! Super happy!

Islet View Restaurant & Bar
Address: Castle Bruce, Dominica
Phone: +1 767-446-0370

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Instagram: @DiscoverDominica
Facebook: @DiscoverDominica

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The visit to the beautiful nature island of Dominica during this press trip was provided by Discover Dominica Authority (DDA). However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.


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