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I know, I know, Jack Astors is a franchise, nothing special about it. But you know what? I can’t go to fancy and unique restaurant all the time. Jack Astors, the one located between University & Front Street has a nice patio for the summer and great sports & lively atmosphere all year round.

Tonight, after a hard day’s work, going to grab a nice ice cold. Flip through the menu, Jack Astors has a smart marketing initiative. The new food menu has a section called “WTF”. Yes, damn right WTF! It’s a list of new food items for people to try. Promotion right now there is a “WTF” price-fix food menu. For $21.49, you get a 10oz Sirloin steak with sides + a pint of ice cold beer + dessert. Not bad.

But tonight, I didn’t feel like going crazy for a steak. Instead, I opt for a classic burger. Great bargain at $10.87 you get a juicy beef burger with lovely bun and I chose Caesar Salad as the side. To my suprise, the bun was warmed up & crisp and the beef patty was very juicy. When I hold the burger, it was nicely assembled and warm, that’s the way I like it. The Caesar was a big plate with nice Canadian bacon along with crispy coutons. The salad came first, more as an appetizer.

Also, a nice drink, girls love a pint of ice cold beer with a float of thin slice of ice on top with flavour. She said it’s more tasty.

It was a great lively night along with great service by the server.

When you feel like “WTF?”, you should go and try the WTF food menu at Jack Astors.


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