Jaguar Invites MoVernie 4 a VIP Top Gear Test Drive Experience


This is PART 2 of my MoVernie Lifestyle Blog on this Jaguar/Land Rover VIP Test-Drive experience.

After our off-road test drive experiences with the Land Rover compact SUVs & full-size SUVs, the instructors drove us out of the forest and transported us to the race track speedway. NOW, that’s where the good stuff is! The wait is over!

A team of 12 instructors introduced themselves and then informed us the safety and explained how the test drive experience works.

Here are the itinerary of the test drive experiences:

1) There were a list of cars and SUVs being parked along side the pit stop area. There were Jaguar XFR-S, XKR, XFR, XJ, XF and Range Rover Sport SUVs. Each car has an instructor, so bascially, we acted as passengers so that the instructor can drive us on the track and gave us the intro-lap of what the track looks like and the soft and hard corners and all the important features of the track so we are familiarize with the track before we go ALL-OUT.

2) Although it was ONLY 2 intro laps, we chose the top-notch, signature Jaguar baby blue, XFR-S sedan that is powered by 5.0L V8 Supercharged that pumps out 550 hp and 502 lbs/ft of torque. Boy, that was a fast ride.

3) After the 2 intro laps, there sat six brand new 2014 Jaguar F-Type convertibles that after 40 years, Jaguar has decided to re-introduce a roaster into its family.

4) Three trim levels of F-Types available for test drive.

a) F-Type – 3.0 Litre V6 Supercharged 340HP

b) F-Type S – 3.0 V6 S Supercharged 380HP

c) F-Type V8 S – 5.0L V8 Supercharged 495HP

5) We decided to take the F-Type S and F-Type V8S for the spin. Each time, we got to sit into the convertible with the instructor and we go for 2 laps.

6) After test driving the various trim levels of F-Types, the instructor switch sides, I became the passenger. We went for a hot lap (not lap dance) but having them drive like a professional race car driver, going at top speed and attacking the corners and drift through the racetrack, just to see how quick this F-Type can go and how well it handles in hard corners under high speed.

I got to say, although, the speed is so fast that our manual shifting will not be as fast as the automatic, I still like the feel of the clutch and switching gear than the 8-speed automatic this car has to offer. However, it is still very fun to drive. The aggressive roar on the engine and the tune of sound coming out of the exhaust pipe was amazing!

This was definitely better than the rides from Canada’s Wonderland! I miss the thrill of the top speed and the amount of G-Force I was experiencing.

Thank you Jaguar Canada for the wonderful exclusive VIP complimentary experience! It will be definitely an unforgettable experience!



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