Japan: New Godzilla 2014 “Too Fat”


by Shaf

Words on the street that the new Godzilla coming out is “Too fat for it’s role.”

Two words mister…Stair Master

Hollywood was never kind to out of shape lead roles. The same would go with an apocalyptic monster of destruction…a few pieces of chub sticking out and BAM it’s over.

Many on Japanese forums have even linked it to the likeness of NFL Football players. “He’s pudgy and cute.”

Godzilla laying smackdown on such comments:

But I don’t know…is Godzilla made to look like the image of a pudgy American?

What say you Canada?

Has Hollywood gone too far Or is it just right?

Here’s an older version of Godzilla:


And here’s the 2014 version of Godzilla:

Clearly 13% more body fat

Clearly 13% more body fat

Do you see it?

I see it.

I say Whatever.

Leave the beast in peace.

Come May 16th, that’s when we can judge the movie in it’s full glory.

Till that time let’s enjoy an extended video trailer of the movie:


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