Jason Werth homered twice, as the Phillies pounded the Blue Jays 10-0


June 27, 2009.


The Toronto Blue Jays suffered one of the biggest margin lost for this season, losing to the 2008 World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies by a score of 10-0.  The jays offense had been very quiet in recent weeks.  A big goose egg by the home team was quite a rare sight this season.  Former Blue Jay, Jayson Werth pounded 2 homeruns in this game.  One of his monster homeruns blasted to the 5th upperdeck, he became only the 14th player in the 20-year history of Rogers Centre who blasted all the way up there.  Toronto’s Vernon Wells  was the last player to reach the upper tier, on Sept. 16, 2004, against Baltimore’s Rodrigo Lopez . Jayson Werth had always hit well against the Blue Jays.

The weather was sunny and temperature was at mid-20s.  DSC05133I was sitting third row behind first base.  It was an awesome aisle seat, always able to grab an ice-cold beer with ease.  At these seats, you had to always be alert with the game plays because an error thrown by the second baseman or the shortstop, the ball may sail towards your face, and you sure don’t want to get hurt and get caught on TV or camera.

Some of the big names Phillies players were jogging very close to our seats, you could see how massive they were (check out the photo album and videos).  Ryan Howard was massive.  Jayson Werth was tall and lean.  Chase Utley always jogged very close to the crowd with his head down, reflecting on his last play.

The game was quite boring as the Jays were basically out of this game by the 5th inning (in case you don’t know, there are 9 innings in a baseball game), down by 9-0.  DSC05116But as you know me by now,  I enjoy every event and I have great sportsmanship.  I hate people who have to leave early when the game is still within reach. No way Jose! I stay til the end, the game is not over until it’s over.  You just never know what’s going to happen!

On an interesting side note, 2 baseball fans dressed as Umpires.  Their presence made the game a lot more entertaining.  They had the best seats in the house.  They sat at the 2 seats near the 1st base line.  No mesh or obstruction blocking their views.  DSC05161 Their umpire uniforms caught the Jays and Phillies players’ attentions.  In fact, they caught the Umpires’ attention as well.  Every time when the REAL umpire hand signal for an out, they imitated the same hand signals.  It was quite hilarious! These umpire wannabes were like  celebrities.  Everyone took photos with them, myself included.

Overall, it was a good game, but I hope to see a better and more competitive game next time I come to the building.

Please click here for the boxscore.

YouTube Video #1: Phillies players jogging to the field.

YouTube Video #2: Umpire wannabes imitating an “out” hand signal.


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