Jays Home Opener 2012 – Are You Ready?

I am super excited to be able to the Jays Home Opener today against a strong division rivalry Boston Red Sox. This year, everyone is talking about the Blue Jays. I am a BIG fan of our young Jays GM Alex A. who have built a group of young highly-talented groups of players that can compete night-in and night-out for many years to come. It creates lots of buzz, especially the longest season opener victory against the Cleveland Indians a few days back.

Home opener, the gurantee full house attendance game. There will be lots of rowdy fans and let’s hope everyone is getting home safely. Please be courteous and dont’ start a brawl. Please drink responsibly. Sitting at the 500 level, 100 level, honestly, it doesn’t matter to me as we just hang out with good friends and having a good time.

This year, the jays home opener was all sold out in less than one hour of sale. I thank my friend who is the leader of organizating the ticket purchase. I am grateful to be able to go. Home opener is always a great experience. Everyone is so cheery. As the old cliche goes, it is when every team starts off the season with the same record. Go Jays Go! I see a bright future.

Today, I decided to drive to work a little bit different. I decided to put the Jays sticker at the back of my car bumper. It looks great on my white car. My favourite current Blue Jays player is #13 Brett Lawrie. I like his aggressiveness, his in-your-face approach to the game and his unique character with a swagger. Kind of similar to how I approach my life daily. Enjoy life and live it with a colourful, exciting journey.

Let’s go BlueJays! Can’t wait to do the 7th inning stretch.

Bring home a win Blue Jays for the home opener.


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