JENN & Larry’s Ice Cream Shoppe – Stratford, Ontario, Canada [ONTARIO TRAVEL SERIES]


From its official site, it says, “JENN & Larry’s Ice Cream Shoppe is located in beautiful downtown Stratford, Ontario. Starting in the ice cream industry circa 1967, JENN and Larry’s were voted Stratford’s Favourite Ice Cream Shoppe and named one of the Best of Ontario for their Malted Shake.

It’s a cute little ice cream shoppe that is conveniently located right across the river and the park and the War Memorial Garden. It’s a nice area to get your ice cream and walk across to the walk and enjoy the ducks, swans and nature.

There is quite a lineup but worth the wait as people are following the guidelines and maintaining physical distancing. And only one person or a family in the same household can enter the tiny shop at one time which I appreciate the health safety guidelines.

There isn’t lots of flavours or fancy selections by any means as this is a soft serve ice cream spot but it does the job. I ordered the soft serve with an orange colour dip. It does the job with the cone and perfect dessert during the hot summer.

JENN & Larry’s Ice Cream Shoppe – Stratford, Ontario, Canada
Address: 49 York St, Stratford, ON N5A 1A1
Phone: (519) 508-4949


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