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Kanye West “Yeezus” Toronto Tour was supposed to be held last month in November but due to a road accident that damaged concert equipment and made it “impossible to put on the show.” that his show was rescheduled until December 22 and 23. That’s just demonstrate to you how serious and professional Kanye is on the quality of his show. He is a perfectionist! But everything happened for a reason! The rescheduled Toronto tour finally happened in the past 2 nights when Kanye performed in both nights at the Air Canada Centre. As it turned out, the rescheduled show was perfect timing, not only it was near Christmas and holiday times, but it was also the last show of the Yeezus Tour. So, it’s a great honour for me to witness his talent and his performance here in Toronto with his last show of the year.

Kendrick Lamar, the up and rising, well-known rapper did the opening, hyping up the crowd with his numbers of hit track singles. The crowd was pumped! Kendrick put on quite a show, warming the crowd up! At one point, he asked the crowd to hold up their smartphones with the flash on, creating an amazing light show around the building. It was quite a sight!

Kendrick Lamar - Opening

Kendrick Lamar – Opening

As we all heard that Kanye has a tendency of opening his show late (at least 1 hour late). To our surprise, last night, Mr. West was on time! The moment we heard the beats and the speakers were about to play some strong beats, we knew the show will soon begin.

I think Kanye had elevated “live concert” experience to the next level! I was very impressed with the stage setup and all the visual and audio effects accompanied with it. The stage was huge! There was a mountain set that Kanye can stand at different elevation. He performed at the peak of the mountain, the mid-section of the mountain, it’s just surreal! There were smokes coming out to make the mountain scene as real as it could be. The huge circular projector screen on the ceiling was the equipment that forced the concert to be rescheduled. And I totally understood the importance of this equipment because it changed colours and performed various visual effects on it. It complements the mountain, giving every scene a different mood and vibe. The colours it showed gave every scene a morning, afternoon, evening or sunset mode. At one point, Kanye was lying on the spongy stage and this projector was used to show his singing while lying on the spongy stage. So, that was cool.

Kanye Yeezus Tour

Kanye Yeezus Tour

During the entire concert, the stage setup continued to impress me. Just as I thought the stage couldn’t do much anymore, it surprised me again and again. I would never thought the spongy “arrow-shaped” part of the stage could elevate up in the air and became a peak of another mountain! When Kanye stood at the peak of the mountain, it’s just so cool, especially with the spot light shining on him. The mountain even split in half (later on in the show) so that dancers can walk through the corridor to the front of the stage.

For most part of the show, Kanye was wearing a mask to make him look mysterious. Not until later, when he met a Jesus figure, that he took off his mask and greet the crowd. Kanye took 30 minutes of his time to go on a rant and talk about various topics in life. He wanted to inspire the crowd and address the misunderstandings the media made about him. He even swear using autotune which was quite a first for me to hear.

And the best to end the concert? Well, Kanye decided to sang the home grown rapper, Drake’s hit single, “Forever“. And to top it off, first time in the Yeezus Tour that a special guest was invited to perform in Kanye’s show. And guess who? It’s Toronto very own rapper, Drake! The moment Drake came out and sang a few songs, that was the highlight of the night. Being able to see the collaboration singing performance by Kanye and Drake was icing on the cake!

It was a great show indeed. One of the best I seen in years! Kanye had tons of hit singles and the amount of money being spent to setup the stage, the visual, audio and fireworks just made the show so much better. Alot of other artists would just set up a simple stage and that’s it, but Kanye is a perfectionist and he wanted to give his best efforts to make this show to the next level. And I am sure he had achieved that in his Yeezus Tour. Love him or hate him, one thing is for certain, Kanye West has talent & he is passionate about everything he does.

See you next time Mr. West! Your killed it! Your show was DOPE!

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VIDEO CLIP: Kanye & Drake singing together



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