Kia Gear Up: Day 2 – My Personalized Kia Racing Outfit & Helmet


Kia Gear Up Challenge Course

After the fun Go-Kart experience and a lovely outdoor lunch, we got down to business with the “main event”, which was to test drive a modified Kia race car on the Castelloli Circuit. Before we hopped on the coach bus to get to the Castelloli Circuit, the Kia Gear Up Staff informed everyone to go inside the Kia Lounge. They said they had a surprise for us. As many peeps know, I love surprises!

After everyone found a spot to stand or sit, one of the Kia Motors Executive made an announcement and she told us that everyone will have a surprise gift box. After a minute or two, each buddy came out carrying a big Kia gift box. I wondered what’s inside? Silvio, my buddy came over and dropped off the box in front of me. He said “MoVernie, it’s a surprise for you! Open it!”

Kia Gear Up Challenge Course

So, I slowly opened the box and boom! The first thing I saw was a beautiful authentic, personalized Kia Gear Up Racing Outfit. It’s a very stylish racing outfit in Kia’s signature red & white colour. The texture on the racing outfit was comfortable but yet you could feel that the material were sturdy and durable. Nowadays, many peeps love to wear those onesie. The racing outfit was basically like a onesie. You had to stick your feet through the leg areas and then stick your arms into the arm area portion of the outfit. What impressed me the most? This was a personalized racing outfit with my name on it and more importantly, a Canada flag on it. I am a patriotic guy and I love my country. That moment when I saw the Canadian flag, I was proud and to be Canadian. Furthermore, ever since I was a kid, I always dream of being a race car driver. That dream never came but this Kia Gear Up racing outfit gave me a one-day experience to be a race driver on a real circuit. My dream came true!

Kia Gear Up Challenge Course

In addition to the Kia Gear Up racing outfit, there were a few Kia t-shirts and other goodies in the box. They were definitely great Kia Gear Up souvenirs. Just as I was super content on what I got, Silvio came back with another surprise! Kia Motors had also made personalized racing helmets for everyone! I had my own helmet with my name on it along with my beloved Canada flag! How cool? Kia Motors’ slogan “The Power to Surprise!” definitely delivered a surprise to everyone! It was a nice touch.

Kia Gear Up Challenge Course

Off we went to the locker room to change. Here was a cool MoVernie story to share. As I went into the locker room, I noticed there was a group of people that weren’t part of the Kia Gear Up Event. As I began to change my clothes, one of them grabbed my helmet and examined the Canadian flag and stuff. Then he said, “This is so cool, your uniform is so cool!” I said “Thanks! So…are you guys race car drivers, making your practice runs?” He said, “No! No! We are fire fighters, we come here to drive and learn to build endurance and work as a unit.” I said, “Wow! That’s interesting.”

Kia Gear Up

Another guy said “Do you want me to take photos of you with your outfit?” I said “Sure! Thank you so much!”

Just as I walked out of the locker room, we were asked to hop on the coach bus to get to the other side of the Castelloli Circuit for our Kia Gear Up Challenge. Stay tuned for my next MoVernie BLOG on my Kia Gear Up Challenge.

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And MoVernie is outta here!

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Kia Gear Up Challenge Course



Kia Gear Up Challenge Course

Kia Gear Up Kia Gear Up


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