Kia Gear Up: Departing at the Toronto Pearson Airport. Heading to Barcelona, Spain – (MoVernie Travel & Tourism)



After a long day of working hard at the office, I waved good bye to my colleagues. Many of them jokingly told me how jealous they were of my trip to Barcelona. Joking aside, they were all proud of me and very happy that a large corporation such as Kia Motors recognized my hard work and recognized how powerful of my Social Media Influences. And never in my mind that this nice gesture from Kia Motors that my colleagues got to know more about Kia products and think highly of them as a company. My colleagues told me that if this car company was kind enough to treat me right, to them, it means this is a good company they would be proud to associate with. That’s an interesting piece of information that I would never knew.

So, I hopped into a cab and off we go to the Toronto Pearson Airport. On a side note, I was looking forward to meet the Kia Canada representative, whom I was told by the organizer, will be accompanied me to Barcelona on the same flight. So, I reached out to him a few nights before via email, his name is Andrew, who is the Social Media Manager for Kia Canada.

After getting stuck in traffic for a while (the usual in the6ix), I had finally arrived at the airport. As I was lining up to get check in, I saw Andrew came over and introduced himself. It was so nice to know someone was going on the same flight as you and knowing exactly what’s happening once we landed in Barcelona.

After we had unloaded our suitcases to the conveyor belt, we passed through the custom and we had some free time before boarding. Terminal 1 of Toronto Pearson Airport was modern and super beautiful. We had decided to order dinner at the kiosks. It’s such a cool concept! You basically choose any seats you want, scroll through the iPad and you ordered the food online. Then, a staff will bring your food order right at your table. It’s fast and easy to use. The best part about the iPad ordering? The iPad had application software program that prompted you to enter the flight you were boarding, so if there were any updates or boarding time changes, they would remind you, so that’s an awesome idea.

I ordered penne chicken pasta. Andrew and I chatted during our dinner. I told him more about myself and my past work and about my MoVernie brand. He also told me about his Social Media work and his team with Kia Canada. I told him how cool it is for a large corporation such as Kia to believe in the power of social media and how important it is for them to recognize social media influencers such as myself and others in this industry.

Penne chicken pasta

Penne chicken pasta

Fish tacos

Fish tacos

During our conversation, Andrew received a text message and he informed me, “Vernon, just a heads-up, once we have landed in Barcelona Airport, the film crew will start filming you, so just be yourself but don’t be surprise”. So, I told Andrew not to worry because I have my own MoVernie web TV shows that I am used to being on camera. I figured, most likely, there will be a photographer and a videographer waiting for me. That’s just based on my past experiences. But I was DEAD WRONG! Stay tuned to find out what happened when I arrived at the Barcelona Airport.

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