Kia Gear Up Event in Barcelona, Spain – Day 4 (MoVernie Sightseeing)


The Kia Gear Up event is a 4 days, 3 nights trip to Barcelona, Spain, that consists lots of fun and adventurous activities for the global ambassadors to experience. On my Day 1 MoVernie BLOG, I have shared to you my first day tour around the city of Barcelona. On Day 2 of my MoVernie BLOG, we got to wear our personalized Kia Gear Up racing uniform & helmet. Day 3 is another special day. Every day is special and different. Just like Kia’s slogan, “The Power to Surprise!”

On Day 4, all the other Kia Global Ambassadors returned back to their respective countries. As for myself, since it was Victoria Long Weekend in Canada, I requested to Kia Canada that I would like to stay for 2 more nights so that I can sight see more about this city and get to experience a little bit more. And I thank Kia Canada for being so accommodating.

On Day 4, my Kia buddy drove me to the next hotel, which was called “Hotel Curious“. I made the booking and stayed there. It’s a boutique hotel that was located close to the famous La Rambla. Check out the photos below to see what I did during Day 4 of this Kia Gear Up Journey.

By sharing the photos and captions, I hope everyone can get a sense of what’s it like at the Kia Gear Up event and feel as if you are participating the fun activities with me 🙂

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Welcome to Hotel Curious, located 50 metres from the famous “La Rambla”.


Hotel Curious upgraded my room from single bed to double bed, to the top floors and having my own balcony. Thank you Hotel Curious.


Beautiful La Rambla


Meeting up my friend who is from Toronto, but is in Barcelona teaching English. It was so nice to see her.


Spanish loves tapas and I understand why. Tapa are small dish to share with your family and friends. It’s great because you get to try different stuff.


I decided to check out the Real Madrid Official Store


C. Ronaldo and other players jersey on display inside the Real Madrid Official Store.


More Real Madrid gift items


Apparently, Barcelona has its AutoShow happening, talking about great timing, so I had decided to check it out. Especially the Kia Motors display, I want to check out some of its vehicles.


Kia Soul EV on display


Kia Soul regular engine


Kia Cee’d


Kia Sorento. It’s extra cool to see the Kia vehicles again after we drove them around during the Kia Gear Up Event.


Kia Cee’d looked so good!


Doing a selfie with the Kia vehicles


The Barcelona AutoShow was held at a historic place, so you could see some historic artitecture around the venue


Went inside the exhibit and I saw Kia Motors Display. This Concept Car called “Sports Space” was on display


The hot red on this Sports Space was amazing!


Kia Sorento. I love this design.


Soul EV


The sporty Procee’d GT, which is not sold in North America.


Love the aggressive headlights on the Procee’d and its unique 4 mini fog lights


This building looked interesting. The taxi driver told me this was once a bull fighting building until it has changed into a shopping mall once the bull fighting sport was banned a few years ago.


After the Barcelona Auto Show, I decided to go near the beach area to meet up my friends.


People playing recreational soccer.


As I walked around to check out the beach area


More actions from the soccer game


Our friends were just chillin after the game


I always go to the SOCO at Delta Toronto but out of the blue, we randomly chose a restaurant and it was called “SOCO Restaurant”. What are the chances?


I have been craving for nice and simple spaghetti and I got my wish


My friends told me that this dish of cheese and potato wedges are fan favourite here with the locals.



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