Kia Gear Up Event in Barcelona, Spain – Day 5 (MoVernie FC Barcelona & Beach Tour)


The Kia Gear Up event is a 4 days, 3 nights trip to Barcelona, Spain, that consists lots of fun and adventurous activities for the global ambassadors to experience. On my Day 1 MoVernie BLOG, I have shared to you my first day tour around the city of Barcelona. On Day 2 of my MoVernie BLOG, we got to wear our personalized Kia Gear Up racing uniform & helmet. Day 3 is another special day, driving a Kia vehicle at different check points around the busy streets of Barcelona. It felt like “The Amazing Race” in Kia Edition. On Day 4, when the Kia GearUp Event was completed, I stayed for 2 more days to sightsee and toured around Barcelona a little bit more. And on Day 5, I decided to check out the famous football stadium called Camp Nou, home of the popular FC Barcelona team. Every day is special and different. Just like Kia’s slogan, “The Power to Surprise!”

Let me tell you a funny real story. A Twitter Follower knew I was flying to Barcelona for the Kia Gear Up Event. So he told me that I should visit Camp Nou. Quite honestly, I don’t know much about football in Europe, I only know a little bit about football during World Cup but they are represented by countries such as Team England, Team Spain, etc. I wouldn’t know the specific ball clubs. So, I asked my follower, “Why would I want to visit a camp site?”. He was laughing so hard on Twitter and replied “It’s not a camp site, it’s the home of the FC Barcelona, peeps go crazy about this team. It’s only called “Camp Nou”. It was a memorable tweet conversation indeed. And off I went on my last day of this Barcelona trip to Camp Nou and trust me, this Camp Nou experience didn’t disappoint.

Check out the photos below to see what I did during Day 5 of this Kia Gear Up Journey.

By sharing the photos and captions, I hope everyone can get a sense of what’s it like at the Kia Gear Up event and feel as if you are participating the fun activities with me 🙂

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Hotel Curious Massage

At the Hotel Curious, the hotel that I stayed, they also provide massages. I got one and it’s $50 Euro for an hour of service, which I think it’s a great deal.

Liceu Metro Subway Station

After the massage, I took the Metro to go to Camp Nou, home of the football club FC Barcelona. This station is called “Liceu”. It’s quite beautiful.

Camp Nou FC Barcelona

Me posing in front of the Camp Nou building, home of the storied franchise, “FC Barcelona”

Camp Nou

Close up of the Camp Nou building


Trophies and Championships

FC Barcelona has been around for a long time. Full of history and the team won so many trophies through it’s many glorious years.

FC Barcelona

The view of the football field from inside.

FC Barcelona

Me posing inside one of the Executive rooms inside the FC Barcelona building

Camp Nou Experience

Me posing on the football field level inside the FC Barcelona Football Stadium

FC Barcelona Team Store

FC Barcelona Team Store

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

Meeting new friends in Barcelona

Meeting up some new friends that I met via a mutual buddy. Meet Jeff & Anna. Both awesome people and made me felt very welcome in Barcelona.

Salmon lunch

I ordered a very nice, tender and fresh salmon.

Stiges beaches

My new friends Jeff and Anna suggested me to take a 20 minute train ride to go to this beautiful area called “Sitges” because it has nice beaches. So I did and purchased a ticket to explore!

Train Station in Barcelona

Waiting for the train to arrive.

Sitges beaches

My friends were right! Only 20 minutes of train ride away, I felt like I was in a different city. Sitges was gorgeous and it’s slower pace, as compared to the busy downtown Barcelona. Look how beautiful the historic buildings were in Sitges.

Sitges beaches in Barcelona, Spain

This place was super beautiful!

Artwork and exhibits

Artistic work were evident around Sitges.


What a relaxing area! I was glad that I made the trip to Sitges. I thank my new friends for the kind recommendations.

La Rambla

In the evening, after I walked out of my Hotel Curious, walked a block to La Rambla. I saw lots of police officers and barricades. I wasn’t sure what’s going on, so I went and explore. It was a large crowd of happy FC Barcelona fans celebrating their beloved team for winning the division title.

FC Barcelona Celebration

Can you imagine this? I visited the Camp Nou football stadium in the morning and now celebrating with the fans. What an experience!

Championship for the FC Barcelona

Happy awesome fans of the FC Barcelona!

Barcelona Airport

Rise n shine! After partying on the street of La Rambla, it’s time to say good bye and head back to Toronto, Canada!


Taking off. Bye bye Barcelona! I will miss you but I will definitely come back! It’s my favourite city that I had visited so far.

Thank you Kia Motors and Kia Canada.

Special thank you to Kia Motors and Kia Canada for having me attending this EPIC Lifetime Trip to Barcelona, Spain. I am proud representing Kia Canada as it’s Brand Ambassador for this Kia Gear Up Event.




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