Kia Gear Up Event in Barcelona, Spain – Introduction



A few weeks ago, Kia Canada informed me that I was chosen to be its Brand Ambassador for this special exclusive Kia Gear Up event, to be held in Barcelona, Spain. The moment I heard the great news, I was super stoked and excited. Visiting the city of Barcelona was always on top of my travel wish list, but to have the chance to fly over there by Kia Canada was bonus.

In case you ask, what is the purpose of the Kia Gear Up event? Well….Kia Gear Up event is a global initiative organized by the Kia Motors Headquarter, located in South Korea. They wanted to have all the Global Ambassadors from different parts of the world to meet up in Barcelona, Spain for a chance to test drive different types of Kia Motors vehicles. In this entire event, we got to learn more about Kia Motors vehicles, the technologies and all the cool features that were found in them. At the same time, Kia Motors wanted us to enjoy the joy of driving, as driving is part of our everyday lives. By participating different cool activities at this Kia Gear Up event, Kia Motors want to send a message to the ambassadors that life is not about fear but it’s about having fun.

In the next coming days and weeks, I will provide you with the daily itinerary of activities that happened during this Kia Gear Up event. Let’s get the party started!

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