Kim Khardashian & Kanye West making an appearance at The Bay

There was a lot of buzz yesterday around the city as one of the most talked celebs came to the city. Yup, Kim Kardashian, that’s who. She was here to promote her latest jewellery collection which she acts as the creative director called Belle Noel. The event took place at the flaship Bay store in downtown yesterday afternoon.

As I was told, fans started lining up since noon and barriers and lineups stretched around the building. I wasn’t there to witness it, but I could visualize the lineups for Kim. Her appearance, as indicated by the sign was for her to meet & greet her fans from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm. But as I know by now, most diva wouldn’t show up that early and with Kim, she has a habit of not fully staying at an appearance for the full hour.

Furthermore, if you want to meet Kim, you have to purchase $50+ of her jewellery. Lol. No way Kanye, I wouldn’t do that.

Anyways, after another hard days work, I walked over the Bay store at around 5:15 pm. The store was packed inside, security had to consistently remind the crowd to “move back” and provide spaces. I got to say, the security guards were professional, polite and not those typical “rude” ones. Inside the store, you could see a nice white backdrop and a stage for Kim to sign autographs and meet her fans. Television screens were placed on various walls so peeps from afar could see her, so that’s a nice touch by the store’s event planner.

At around 5:25 pm, Kim stood up from the stage, waved at the crowd with her signature smile and walked towards outside the store. Her walk was slow as the crowd were screaming and trying to stop her from leaving the building.

I smartly know another way out and walked outside the building, where there are 3 black Cadillac Escalades and a black Audi A8 waiting for her.

The moment she stood out, her new beau, Kanye West, came out behind her. Mr. West, this time around, was super low key, wearing all black everything hoodie and walked straight into the Audi. I think he knew this day was meant for Kim’s promotion and didn’t want to steal any spotlights. Lol. Well, I am not that surprise Kanye was here as well. When you are in a romantic relationship, you want to build up the flame and build the momentum.

Anyways, Kim signed a few autographs outside and hop on the Audi. As the entourage of vehicles left the Bay store, hundreds of teenage screaming girls, without caring for their safety, chasing the cars a block down at the red light. I didn’t ran like the rest because safety comes first. I don’t look for celebs, they look for me anyway.

I walked gingerly to the red light, stood in front of the Audi, heard an old man asked Kanye for autographs. Seriously, the celebs were sitting inside the car with the luxurious blinds over their faces, they won’t sign anything, ok? But I guess it’s good to “Let’s try and have no regrets” basis for the crowd.

It was an interesting night. I love downtown life, you just don’t know who you bump into.

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Special shoutout to the Bay store and the event planner and the crew. Lots of times, the focus is on the celebs but no one really give credits to the venue, the crew who put in lots of efforts to make this a successful event for the public.


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