Kingyo Izakaya Tantan Ramen Kit (天下無双の坦々麺) – Toronto, Canada


A lot of people probably have dined at Kingyo Izakaya Toronto. It’s a well-established Japanese restaurant serving a variety of food items and beverages. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, lots of restaurants are shut down or can only serve take out or deliver their food to the customers as the City of Toronto wants people to stay home.

To better serve its customers and to have more people still able to indulge its food items, Kingyo decides to launch its tantan ramen kit (天下無双の坦々麺) so that its customers can prepare and heat the ramen at the comfort of their homes. The ramen kit is good to last in the fridge for a few days and if they want, they can try to store it in their freezer for  about a week. But obviously, if I want the taste to be as fresh as it can, I would try to eat them within a few days after purchase and not put in the freezer.

I am one of the first group of people who gets to try and taste its ramen kit. Special thanks to Kingyo Izakaya!

Here is a picture of what the Kingyo ramen kit (天下無双の坦々麺) comprises of:

– ramen noodles
– broth
– minced pork with special sauce
– wholesome egg
– slices of pork (char siu)
– green chives
– wood ear fungus
– bamboo shoots
– green onions
– sesame
– plastic container that stores all these ingredients and I re-use this container to slurp my ramen

Here is the picture of the final product:

MoVernie Final Verdict: Overall, the Kingyo Tantan Ramen Kit tastes great. It tastes like as if you are dining at the actual restaurant. It looks good, easy to prepare and easy to heat up at the comfort of your home. The packaging were nicely done, organized and the ingredients were very fresh. When we can’t dine in person at the time being, we just got to adapt and be versatile, this ramen kit is a great idea and it’s the next best option available to enjoy a nice bowl of ramen at home.

This Kingyo Tantan Ramen Kit is now available (starting May 18, 2020) for purchase and ordering to the public. Click the website for more details on how you can order your own tantan ramen kit (天下無双の坦々麺).


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