KLB Raspberry Wheat – Publican House Brewery – Peterborough, Ontario, Canada [Craft Beer Series]


KLB Raspberry Wheat is brewed by Publican House Brewery from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

Description: Based on its website, “KLB Raspberry Wheat is one of the original fruit flavored wheat beers made in Ontario and has won many awards and accolades over 20 years. Raspberry Wheat is lightly hopped with a high percentage of wheat malt, and a pure raspberry extract is added in the final stages of the brewing process. This brew is light amber, with a frothy white head; a crisp, full bodied brew with a unique raspberry aroma & a satisfying wheat finish.

KLB Raspberry Wheat
Can (473 ml)
ABV 4.5%
$3.30 CDN

Publican House Brewery – Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.PublicanHouse.com
Address: 294 Charlotte St, Peterborough, ON K9J 2V5
Phone: (705) 874-2619


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