Kleinmarkthalle (Indoor Market Hall) – Frankfurt, Germany (Frankfurt am Main)


If you love fresh produce and love grocery shopping, you can either check out the outdoor farmer’s market (see my MoVernie BLOG here) or check out a big indoor market hall called “Kleinmarkthalle“. Based on the INFO from the Frankfurt Tourism, it says on its webpage that “Kleinmarkthalle is a 1,500-sq/m indoor market hall, a culinary paradise beyond compare.” And I am 100% agree with its description.

Our friendly private tour guide gave us a brief introduction about Kleinmarkthalle. It has 2 floors with vendors selling cheese, sausages, vegetables, meat, seafood and more. It also have vendors that sell cooked food. Also, there are coffee shops. From a glance, it reminds me of our famous St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, Canada. Same layout, 2 floors of fresh produce and cooked food. What`s different is that at Kleinmarkthalle, the coffee shop can also sells alcohol, we ordered Prosecco. What an experience! For ONLY $3 Euro, you can enjoy a glass of Prosecco. In Toronto, an average glass ranges from $15-$20 CDN. Based on the current currency, that`s about $11 Euro. That’s why we decided to go for round 2 here!

Then, we walked to a sausage vendor for sausage tasting. Our private tour guide explained to us the different types of sausages and how they taste in terms of the texture, how they were made and the type of meat. He told us that “Frankfurter Würstchen“ is only available in Frankfurt, so it was a MUST-TRY! Frankfurter Würstchen is a thin parboiled sausage made of pure pork in a casing of sheep’s intestine. The special taste is acquired by a special method of low temperature smoking.

As many peeps may know, sausage is a huge part of German cuisine, it comes in different variety and meat types. In North America, our beef or chicken hotdogs are being supported by the hotdog buns and we stuffed our hotdogs with all the different toppings from onions, relish, mushrooms, sweet corn, bacon bits and finished with ketchup, mustard or perhaps mayo. From this Germany trip, I learned that Germans prefer their hotdogs in a more simplistic way. They either consume the sausage straight up with no buns or have a mini kaiser and hold onto a long sausage. They pretty much prefer the sausage longer than its bun. And no toppings, just simple mustard and that`s about it. Nice and simple. And I actually like it that way as well, less toppings means I get to smell and taste the sausage better without the toppings altering the original taste of the meat.

Hasengasse 5-7, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Phone: +49 69 21233696

The private tour was provided by Frankfurt Tourism. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.



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