LA – Little Anthony’s Restaurant


Little Anthony's "LA" RestaurantWow, I was enquiring about this Italian Restaurant called “LA” a few days ago and guess what? The Metro newspaper gave a blurb about this new place. I guess I am really ahead of the crowd in finding Toronto’s hotspots. LA stands for “Little Anthony’s” and its exact location is 121 Richmond Street West. It was shut down a few months ago for a complete overhaul and redirection. While the name stays, the food menu & the decor are totally different. It is located at the corner of York Street and Richmond Street West. Just right across the Sheraton Hotel. The big orange logo is so big and bright that you can’t miss it.

Well, I agree, they better have a major overhaul. The previous old-school decor scares the young onez like me to visit. Lol. Anyways, I still haven’t been but walked over to check out the menu. There are the Antipastos, cheese, salad and pasta and risotto. The price range seems quite steep for a lunch, where the pasta ranges from $23-$35 range.

I like the orange logo, but the modern look doesn’t quite fit the wine glass or the luxury pricing they are trying to do. Let’s wait and see how IKEA type decor would fit in the expensive menu. Stay tuned as I am debating to give it a try or wait for someone to try.


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