La Pizza & La Pasta Restaurant Inside Eataly Toronto – Canada


The moment we smelled how fresh and good the pizza and pasta at La Pizza & La Pasta, we just had to stop roaming around the grocery store and decided to take a break and dine and wine. We lucked out when there were 2 spots at the Pasta Bar. It’s a great spot to talk to other patrons around you and you have a nice perspective of the chefs preparing all kinds of pasta right in front of your eyes.

We ordered wine and a margeherita pizza and a spaghetti dish. We wanted to order the simple Italian dishes coz it will really test the chefs skills and the ingredients itself. To us, fresh ingredients itself should be the highlight of the dish and although it’s simple, it’s not always the case that restaurants able to execute them easily.

The spaghetto, basic spaghetti with mini tomatoes and tomato sauce and basil was so delicious. It’s nicely served in hot temperature as it’s cooked at the kitchen near our Pasta Bar. The pasta was made in al dente, great texture, fresh pasta, I am in luv! I luv it! I am not addicted with this dish. At $12 a plate, it’s good for 2 people. This is a MUST ORDER dish and I will order this every single time that I am going there.

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Eataly Toronto
Address: Manulife Centre, 55 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M4W 1A6


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