Land Rover Invite MoVernie 4 a VIP Off-Road Test Drive Experience


This is PART 1 of my MoVernie Lifestyle Blog on this Jaguar/Land Rover VIP Test-Drive experience.

Jaguar and Land Rover has extended a very exclusive VIP experience to invite me + 1 guest to their complimentary test drive experience. How exclusive you asked? Well….24 invitees can each bring a guest to participate this special event, which means, ONLY 48 lucky people were able to attend. Of course, I brought my bro, Kenrick to enjoy this experience first hand.

Two historical brands (Jaguars & Land Rovers), split into four test-driving segments.

1) Off-road test drive experiences with Land Rover’s compact SUVs (LR2 and Evoque) going through the uneven road surfaces in the forest, going through terrains, deep holes and obstacles to test drive the Land Rover’s off-road capabilities.

2) Off-road test drive experiences with Land Rover’s Full-Size SUVs (Range Rover Sport & Range Rover), going through even tougher, uparalleled off-road capabilities in the forest and terrains that are higher and deeper obstacles for the bigger SUVs to conquer

3) Take the All-New Jaguar F-TYPE (BOTH V6 engine & V8 engine) through performance exercises on the race track

4) Experience Jaguar (XF & XJ vehicles) AWD performance on simulated ice

The staff told us that a complete package like this costs around $3000 per person. So, in an half day, me and brother would have cost us $6000 for the experience.

But this is MoVernie we are talking about! FREE test-drive experience. Breakfast and lunch were served! And gift bags to take home with!

Thank you Jaguar Canada and Land Rover Canada for the wonderful exclusive VIP complimentary experience!

Stay tuned for PART 2 of the photo album for my Jaguar Fast Track Experience!





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