Leafs Open Practice @ ACC


I took an unusual early lunch so that I can walk over to the ACC to watch the Leafs Open Practice. I heard from the radio station that some die-hard Leafs fans lined up at 6:30 am to get into the rink. Wow! Talking about die-hard for just an open practice.

I think it’s a great gesture by the Leafs to open the practice up for many fans who couldn’t afford to bring a family with kids to watch them play live. Nor people like me who can’t find tickets to watch it live without costing me a dime & a leg.

MLSE provided FREE popcorn, hot chocolate & coffee throughout the entire open practice. Some lucky ladies even received blue roses. That’s good gesture.

It’s nice to get a glimpse of what the Leafs players do in a practice. I got to see them working hard in practice and trying new line combinations and doing some drills. It was a treat to watch.

Best of luck to the Maple Leafs in this shortened NHL season. It’s great that hockey is FINALLY back!

Go Leafs Go!

PS – Special Shoutout to one die-hard Leafsfan on twitter @LeafsNationDoc who told me about this open practice and free food. She is always there to inform me with these helpful information. I am always grateful. Follow her on twitter @LeafsNationDoc


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