Leafs “Sorry NOT” Letter


I plan to send this letter to the MLSE. It’s just my opinion and how disappointed I felt with all the losing teams including the Leafs, Raptors and TFC. Why? Why are the world’s most deserving, die-hard and loyal fans always get the wrong-end of the stick? WHY????????? When is this losing streak going to end? Tell me what you think?

“Dear MLSE,

On behalf of myself, myself & more of myself, we want YOU to know that it is a major disappointment to be the most passionate and loyal fans in the NHL. Our lifeblood lines which bleeds blue & white has now turned into grey & black due to the 7 years and counting of epic heart failure. Our support to a team that last won in 1967 and took our hearts and soul for granted.

Unlike all Yankees fans, whose team is the face of the baseball world, have consistently bring in World Series rings after rings to their loyal fans, in contrast, our team, who is the face of the NHL has delivered nothing ut years of golfing seasons. The word “postseason” had became an after-thought. If you are truely sorry, you should cut ticket prices, cut down beer prices, provide season ticket holder with discounts. If results are the only measure of success in sports, then your ticket prices should directly correlated with your team records.

Each season we make a commitment to support this team. We make an investment with a passion and bling bling to support this team. But for a good part of this past season it appeared as though the team’s mmitment got off track and that is completely unacceptable.

The Leafs management team has ABSOLUTELY NO PLAN and yet sadly, the ownership still believes that there is a plan. What plan? Tell us about it? More “Sorry” letters? “All-for-One & One-for-All” sorry letters that combine all the sorries with the Leafs, Raptors & TFC combined?

With the regular season coming to an end, an in-depth analysis of how to better your golf swings or drive a better golf-cart will give the team 100% better performances to the golf courses.

Myself, myself and more myself are feeling the pain of the ticket season holder and luckily I am not one of them.

If you have any questions, call me at 1-800-SORRY”


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