Legos – Hobbit Movie



When my friends posted photos of the Hobbit action figures in Lego forms on Facebook, I immediately had to ask her where the Lego were located. She told me it was at the Eaton Centre. I love Lego! It’s one of my favourite toys when I was a child. The Lego pieces allowed me to build whatever I wanted to build.


So…this past Wednesday, I walked over to the Eaton Centre and I saw a life-size Hobbit Lego House and recognized some of the Hobbit action figures. I got to say, they were very cute and they did look like the characters in the movie. I thought the marketing team for the Hobbit movie did a great job. It’s the holiday season, lots of kids go to the shopping mall. It clearly got my attention that the Hobbit movie will be out soon. Now, that’s effective marketing. You may want to test your luck to see if this awesome Lego display is still around during the rest of the Christmas holidays, which I think it will. Be sure to check it out if you are around the area.

A little sad note though, as I reviewed one of the Lego photos that I took, it also mark the last Christmas I will be seeing the Sears store at the Eaton Centre since Sears will be closing down this location. It gave me lots of great memories in the past.

Lego House also reminded me of Ed Sheehran‘s track “Lego House“. Let’s check out his music video below.

I wish everyone have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays! Just like the Lego house, I hope everyone can continue to build something they would like to see in the new year of 2014 in their lives!

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