LG Fashion Week: GotStyle Fashion Show


By: MoVernie, Published on November 12, 2009


It is that time of the year again, it’s the fall season! What better way to check out the latest fashion trend than attending a fashion show? The fashion industry in Toronto is getting larger and larger each year. The fashion models, designers and their local clothing lines are gaining more recognition and exposure.


This year, the venue moved to the King Street West location (previous year was located at the City Hall). The new location was built from a former dealership.  The organizer had revamped the place into a prestige, classy and trendy place to host the chic LG fashion show.  After some hookups and networking, my photographer and I got VIP entries to the GotStyle fashion show.  Once we entered the building, we were greeted by hostess with free eco-friendly water beverages. We saw a model posing with the new Lincoln car. We saw a stage set-up for the Fashion TV show. L’Oreal set up booth to put funky makeup and creative hairstyles on beautiful ladies. The entire venue was alive!


Time to get a seat to check out the latest fashion and to show our support to the local designers. GotStyle supports local fashion, showcasing a number different clothing brands. One of the clothing lines that caught my attention was called JUZD (shorted for Juiced). It’s the first trendy streetwear brand that uses shirts that are made from a custom designed and milled bamboo fabric. To top that, these are the type of clothes that I would want to wear on my body. The main nucleus behind JUZD is an up and rising designer Jing Liu.  He is a very talented individual that uses his creativity and using his clothing line to communicate with his clients.



I was very fortunate to meet him in person after the fashion show. I wish him all the best with his clothing lines. And trust me, you do want to get a piece of his streetwear and walk confidently and comfortably around the city.

Vernon posing with Jing Liu

Want to know more about the JUZD brand? Click here!


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