List of Movies that I watched on Netflix Canada


I luv watching movies on Netflix. In fact, I think I watched more movies on Netflix than I normally do prior to its existence. During this COVID-19 crisis, I live, eat and work from home. In order to keep myself occupied and entertained, watching movies on Netflix has become my daily ritual.

However, at times, I lost track on what movies I have already watched. So…I have decided to create this MoVernie BLOG to help me keep track of the movies that I watched. I have also decided to keep the most recent watched movies at the top so I know the chronological order.

Do you have any recommendations of movies on Netflix that you recommend me to watch? I am running out of good movies to watch and it’s taking me longer and longer time to decide on the next movie to watch.

I luv all types of movies, but in particular, I like action movies, suspense/thriller and romantic comedy. Not much of a fan of animation or superheroes movies as they uses too much CGI and I prefer more movies solely based on acting and less CGI involved.

NOTE: I noticed that some of my peeps’ recommendations on Netflix are not necessary available on Netflix Canada. I found many are available on Netflix USA, it kind of sucks but that’s not a first world problems for me. I will just choose another movie to watch.

MoVernie List – Movies that I watched on Netflix Canada

The Cloverfield Paradox (2018): IMDb | Trailer

The Darkest Hour (2011): IMDb | Trailer

Darkest Hour (2017): IMDb | Trailer

Secret Obsession (2019): IMDb | Trailer

Push (2009): IMDb | Trailer

Feel The Beat (2020): IMDb | Trailer

American Factory (2019): IMDb | Trailer

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020): IMDb | Trailer

Dangerous Lies (2020): IMDb | Trailer

Wasp Network (2019): IMDb | Trailer

Da 5 Bloods (2020): IMDb | Trailer

The Wrong Missy (2020): IMDb | Trailer

The Meg (2018): IMDb | Trailer

Lost Bullet (2020): IMDb | Trailer

Rising High (2020): IMDb | Trailer

Sergio (2020): IMDb | Trailer

Air Strike (2018): IMDb | Trailer

Sprinter (2018): IMDb | Trailer

Secret in Their Eyes (2015): IMDb | Trailer

Red Sparrow (2018): IMDb | Trailer

The Platform (2019): IMDb | Trailer

(Photo: IMDb)


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