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July 19, 2009.


Sometimes, you would think that I would search for events and activities to go and capture all these photos, videos and blogs.  I would say, this is 80% true because I am a fan of trying out new experiences and attending various events.  However, 20% of time, these special events just come to me.

DSC05587 For example, right after the memorable Roy Halladay pitching performance Vs the Boston Red Sox, we were heading to the parking lot to pick up our cars. On our way, we saw a big crowd and heard lots of noises.  You would know me by now that I would check it out and see what’s happening!  There it was, a wrestling match at Harbourfront Centre.  I must say, there is always something good happening at this place.  It turned out to be 4 wrestlers (2 from Mexico and 2 from Canada), performing to the public. This is the first outdoor international Lucha Libre match in the history of Toronto! This gave me the first taste of an entertainment wrestling match live.  I didn’t get to watch the entire match but the acrobatic and individual creative moves were evident at the climax of the match. There were body slams, twisting arms and legs, screw drivers and all kinds of moves you could think of were evident at wrestling ring.  There were lots of Mexicans fans, with many of them wearing the wrestler mask as a show of support to their wrestlers.

DSC05573 This event was to celebrate the Mexican festival and to promote the Mexican culture.  The Mexican wrestler won the match of course and received a loud standing ovation from the fans. It was just fate that I was standing at the exit pathway for the wrestlers to walk by. I took photos of them and shake their hands.  I must say, they were sweating like crazy with lots of body oil or some sort.

Featuring from Mexico

Blue Demon Jr. and Incognito

Featuring from Canada

Cody 45, Sombra, SuperXtremo.

It seemed to me these Mexican wrestlers maybe famous? Can anyone tell me if they are some known wrestler in Mexico?

Check out the photos and the videos.


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