Luna Bar & Grill – Lake Charles, Louisiana


Luna Bar & Grill is located in downtown Lake Charles, it’s conveniently located in the lively neighbourhood.

It has a casual vibe where everyone just wanted to have a good time. It’s quite spacious. There are 2 sections, one mainly for drinks near the bar area and the other side is a dining area where people comes and dine for a good meal.

Luna Bar & Grill, as I was told was voted one of the best restaurants in Lake Charles. And I concur, it has a nice list of fresh keg of beers, good specialty cocktails and good food. The place entirely have food and drinks referencing to music bands and artists.

We ordered a bunch of food to share to start off the night. I personally ordered the yellowfin tuna steak and it was heavenly delicious! It was prepared perfectly as the tuna steak was prepared in medium rare and just a simple pan-sear along the pan. At $17 USD for this tuna steak? Wow! It’s a great deal! It also comes with a side, unfortunately, the creamy spinach wasn’t my cup of tea, spinach was a bit soggy and wasn’t creamy at all, so it was a bit disappointing.

I also ordered a bowl of crawfish bisque. When you are in Lake Charles, you got to try its crawfish. The crawfish bisque, nice and hot in temperature and the flavour was amazing, a bit of a kicker heat with it, it was well-done overall.

We also ordered some cheesecake for dessert, I am not even really a dessert person, but the King Cake cheese cake and the pecan & caramel cheesecake was AMAZING!

The ONLY drawback, a minor one was how small the washroom was. For a big bar and restaurant, especially, peeps drinks lot, they need a bigger washroom to accommodate the patrons. It only have a men’s stall and an urinal, it’s a long wait and the space inside was small.

Overall, I enjoyed my dining experience here and I highly recommend this place. It’s casual, very comfy, good vibe, good service, good people, nice cocktails references, the posters along the wall with vinyl records was amazing as well.

Luna Bar & Grill
Address: 719 Ryan St, Lake Charles, LA 70601, United States
Phone: +1 337-494-5862


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