Marche Restaurant – Toronto


We planned to go to Hockey Hall of Fame this afternoon, but before we do so, we decided to go to Marche Restaurant to grab lunch first. I like Marche because it’s like a mini super market with all the fresh ingredients at different stations with our own spending card that we simply check out when we finished. And it was also located in the same building as the Hockey Hall of Fame, which was quite convenient for us.

I chose a hamburger, so the server simply picked out a fresh beef patty from the display fridge and placed it on the grill. The meat looked fresh and I loved seeing the flames charbroiling the beef patty. Better yet, the server toasted the buns on the grill as well, making it toasty which I love as well.
Fresh lettuce, with red tomatoes and onions along with mayo and ketchup made this a fresh and tasty burger. Better yet, at $10.99 (before tax), it came with a side order that can either be sauteed mushrooms or baked potato or freshly cut french fries. I chose the baked potato with sour cream. The whole combo was delish.
I highly recommend it the next time you head over to Marche before a Raptors or a Leafs game.
For more information about the Marche Restaurant, please click here.
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Fresh variety of meats being placed in the clean, operating fridge

Marche server cooking the meat on the flaming grill

Fresh toasty buns with fresh lettuce, tomatoes & onions

Fresh delish hamburger with baked potato with sour cream


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