MariCAR Go Kart in Tokyo, Japan (MUST TRY) – Photos Taken By Our MariCar Guide Isabel


During our Go Kart experience with MariCar, as part of the package, the tour guide (in this case, her name is Isabel) took photos of the group throughout the course of the driving experience. She took photos of us at the Tokyo Station; the SkyTree Tower and other city hotspots. So, it’s great you can concentrate on driving on the Tokyo roads, focus on the traffic flow, meanwhile having a tour guide taking photos for you and the guide will airdrop the photos for you or via email (when you provide them with your email address).

Additionally, you can pay extra to have a GoPro recording the video footage of you taking action driving around the busy streets of Tokyo, Japan.

MariCAR – Akihabara #1 Shop – Tokyo, Japan
Address: 4-12-9 Sotokanda Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan|
Phone: +81 80 8899 8899


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