McCafe at the Hockey Game


Recreational hockeySunday Funday! Today, I have decided to check out my co-worker’s son take some action at his weekly ice hockey game at the community centre. It’s been a while I last watched a recreational game and it’s a very relaxing way to spend a Sunday (Yes, I worked closely with my colleague and we worked well as a team and now, it’s like a family as well.)

It was a treat to watch her son play. After one year of learning how to skate, her son now can skate smoothly, turning and stopping with ease. He may very well be the future star in the NHL, hopefully with the Toronto Maple Leafs (no pressure lol)

But most importantly, I just hope kids being kids, just enjoying life and really enjoying the game that they loved without fame and money being in their heads early on in their lives.

Inside the arena could be quite cold, so I smartly went to the nearest McDonald’s drive thru and got us a tray of McCafe to keep us warm. Better yet, I never knew heat warmers are available nowadays inside the arena, so that’s a nice touch.

Recreational hockeyI hope to see her son continue to improve and grow as a hockey player and I will make another special appearance in the near future to watch more of his actions.

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Recreational hockey Recreational hockey


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