McDonald’s Mighty Angus Launch – MoVernie Funny Story

Since I have a large following of followers on Twitter, currently
standing at 11,300, I just don’t know who I interact on a daily basis. I have a
wide range of followers who have different interests and come from different
backgrounds and have different professions from around the world.
An interesting situation came during my attendance at the
McDonald’s Mighty Angus Launch Event at the McDonald’s Canada Head Office. As
the McDonald’s Executives were introducing themselves to the attendees, someone
took a picture of the crowd and I was in the picture without knowing it. Then,
suddenly, I received a tweet from one of my followers, his name is Philip Shaw,
who owns Philip Shaw Farm Inc. in Ontario.
He tweeted, “@AmandaBrodhagen That looks like my friend @MoVernie”.
When I read the tweet, that’s when I realized the
“Amanda” that Philip was referring was the multi-generational farmer,
Amanda Brodhagen, who drove all the way from Guelph to greet the attendees and
shared her farm life stories with the crowd.  What a small world!!!!
Amanda’s family multi-generational farm is one of the Ontario farms that raised Canadian beef.
I’ve got to say, you just never know who you
bump into especially with the power of Social Media, it connects everyone
together. So, after Amanda realized that I was at the same event, she followed
me on Twitter. After my behind-the-kitchen tour, we finally met in person. It
was quite an experience to know a mutual friend we have via Twitter and just
one tweet connected us all.
I recalled showing the tweet to one of the McDonald’s Executive
and she asked “You know farmers on Twitter? That’s quite impressive that
you have such a diverse following and also quite impressive that farmers are on
the technological front using social media app such as Twitter”. That’s
the world we are living in and it’s great everyone is moving forward with
Philip, Amanda and I had discussed a possible reunion at Amanda’s
farm in the near future, perhaps a tour of her family’s farm and try out the
beef at the farm, wouldn’t it be a cool experience? I bet it will! Stay tuned
on the next MoVernie on the MOVE.


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